Energy consumption assessment in smart home

Smart home industry is a new business in Iran. Due to the fact that a large portion of users’ needs can be provided in smart home construction, the parameters associated with such buildings should be investigated. The newest idea for energy conservation is the use of new equipment and systems that intelligently manage the building energy consumption. Smart buildings are a collection of technologies and services for improving the quality of life. Using intelligent systems, in addition to reducing energy consumption, creates ideal conditions and enhances the comfort of the building’s inhabitants. The main purposes of using intelligent systems in the building include saving energy, creating a safe environment, reducing economic consumption and increasing the building life span. The smart home system, in addition to its role in optimizing energy consumption, also provides welfare and can be a perfect solution for more comfort in today’s modern life along with speeding up your daily activities. The results show that smart homes have the most efficient thermal energy consumption compared to economic, electrical, and security indicators.