Koushe Villla

The project is located near the entrance of Chalous Road- Hesar 2nd line. Most of the passengers who cross Karaj- Chalous Road have seen the small houses on the mountains. These houses that determine the areas surrounding Kusheh project are generally houses made of brick and cement blocks with broken walls.

This project despite simplicity and integration with surrounding fabric attempts to enhance the vision of the neighborhood residents and it is formed with the development purpose and being inspired by the new body to maximize the integration of the building and the surrounding nature.

Openings in the exterior façade and their retreats and opening to the input axis has cause the open space to penetrate the close space so that a suitable climate is provided in different seasons.

By integrating spaces and the direct connection between them it is possible to continue development and quality to the upper floors. The upper floor is used as the resting, sleeping, socializing, reading, etc. space. The upper arena that does not have the same material has a new form and led to spatial variation.