Touch Sensor Glass

Touch sensors glass – stylish and high-quality design covers
High-quality design – combined with sensitive touch operation
The representative design of these touch sensors is qualified for an upscale room setup, e.g. for conference rooms, hotels, representative
office buildings or enhanced residential areas. The touch sensors glass in the colors white and black match to the frame program DELTA
miro glass from Siemens, so the switches, sockets and operation units give the room a harmonious appearance.

5WG1211-8DB11 5WG1211-8DB11
5WG1212-8DB11 5WG1212-8DB11
5WG1212-8DB21 5WG1212-8DB21
5WG1213-8DB11 5WG1213-8DB11
5WG1213-8DB21 5WG1213-8DB21