Touch Panel

The new THEO 10 Touch Panels allow any KNX system to be controlled in a simple, user-friendly manner. The multifinger capacitive glass used makes it easier to drag and scroll through the controls for an even more streamlined device operation, while the IPS Display offers HD quality video definition with an extra-wide vertical and horizontal viewing angle.

This model have a built-in IP video door phone function, compatible with the best brands of IP outdoor stations (2N, Alphatec, etc.), with H.264 type image quality and SIP protocol audio signal transmission. The integrated Web Server allows the KNX system to be controlled remotely via the user’s smartphone or tablet through the KRIM App (available in the IOS and Android versions), which can be downloaded free of charge from iTunes or Google Play.

Each touch panel comes programmed with a standard graphic display pre-set for controlling the Lights, Windows and Climate. Other functions can be added and browsed through, such as utility Loads control, Video camera control, Timer and Chrono Thermostat enabling and Scenario programming.

Theo 10 Theo 10
Theo 7 Theo 7