Room Control Unit UP227

Room Control Unit UP227
– Multifunctional display-/control panel for KNX with Dot-Matrix LCD display 96 x 128 pixels
– 8 capacitive touch buttons for horizontal operation
– For the display and control of at least 10 adjustable room control functions: Switching toggle/On/Off, Dimming, Door bell function On/Off, Solar protection control; send 1 Byte/2 Byte value; display 1 Bit/ 1 Byte/2 Byte value; Forced control; display text messages; warning and alarm messaging; recall and save scenes; warning and alarm messaging
– Room control functions lockable via KNX-bus
– Green/red LED as orientation light, as status indication, as a response to pressing a button respectively to the signalling of alarm reports
– A signaler for acoustical alarm reports respectively as a status of the touch operation
– Integrated room temperature sensor

5WG1227-2AB11 5WG1227-2AB11