Push Button I-System

Pushbutton with scene controller and IR receiver decoder, i-system
– Pushbutton in1,2, 3 pairs
– Horizontal operation
– Per pushbutton selectable function, scene controller
– LED for orientation light
– Labeling field
– IR receiver for IR handheld transmitter S 425/72

5WG1221-2DB12 5WG1221-2DB12
5WG1221-2DB32 5WG1221-2DB32
5WG1221-2DB33 5WG1221-2DB33
5WG1222-2DB12 5WG1222-2DB12
5WG1222-2DB13 5WG1222-2DB13
5WG1222-2DB32 5WG1222-2DB32
5WG1222-2DB33 5WG1222-2DB33
5WG1223-2DB13 5WG1223-2DB13
5WG1223-2DB32 5WG1223-2DB32
5WG1223-2DB33 5WG1223-2DB33