Push Button DELTA Style

Pushbutton with scene controller and room temperature sensor, DELTA style
– Pushbutton in1,2, 4 pairs
– Vertical operation
– Per pushbutton selectable function, scene controller
– LED for orientation light
– Labeling field
– Temperature sensor

5WG1285-2DB12 5WG1285-2DB12
5WG1285-2DB13 5WG1285-2DB13
5WG1285-2DB42 5WG1285-2DB42
5WG1285-2DB43 5WG1285-2DB43
5WG1286-2DB12 5WG1286-2DB12
5WG1286-2DB13 5WG1286-2DB13
5WG1286-2DB42 5WG1286-2DB42
5WG1286-2DB43 5WG1286-2DB43
5WG1287-2DB12 5WG1287-2DB12
5WG1287-2DB13 5WG1287-2DB13
5WG1287-2DB42 5WG1287-2DB42
5WG1287-2DB43 5WG1287-2DB43