Room Controller Contouch
– Multifunctional display/operating device for KNX, with 320 x 240 pixel, 2.8” LCD color display
– For the display and operation of at least 18 confi gurable room operator functions:
– Switching On/Off/Over and Pushbutton function (bell function)
– Text display and warning and alarm indications
– Integrated room temperature sensors
– Local, time-adjustable extension of comfort mode
– The room temperature setpoint value for comfort mode can be set via a rotary button on the room
– Weekly scheduling program for controller operating modes and for 18 room operator functions
– At least 16 time switching points per function per weekday
– Display of date and time
– Selection of at least 4 different design templates as operator and display interface

5WG1204-2AB11 5WG1204-2AB11
5WG1204-2AB51 5WG1204-2AB51
5WG1204-2AB31 5WG1204-2AB31
5WG1204-2AB21 5WG1204-2AB21