Venetian Blind Actuator

– Rated contact current 6 A
– LED for status indication per output
– Direct operation (local operation)
– Electrically interlocked relays (for reversing direction of rotation)
– Transmitting status per channel – Status Position Sonnenschutz 8 Bit
– Travel lock (e. g. for cleaning the outer shutter/blinds)
– Alarm: Move to safety position, locking in this position for as long as alarm is active
– Individual or shared configuration of actuator channels

5WG1522-1AB03 5WG1522-1AB03
5WG1523-1AB02 5WG1523-1AB02
5WG1523-1AB03 5WG1523-1AB03
5WG1523-1AB04 5WG1523-1AB04
5WG1523-1AB11 5WG1523-1AB11