Universal Dimmer

Universal Dimmer, main modul (R,L,C load) (to be discontinued)
– One output for switching and dimming resistive, inductive or capacitive loads
– Interface for connecting universal dimmer submodules and with software for controlling up to 5 universal dimmer submodules
– Automatic adjustment to leading edge or trailing edge control, depending on the type of load
– Integrated power supply unit for the electronics, connected to 230 V AC
– A pushbutton on top of the device for switching between bus mode and direct mode and for selecting the device (output A…F) to be switched directly
– Two pushbuttons on top of the device for switching and dimming the selected output in direct operating mode
– 6 bicolor LEDs for indicating the switch status or an error (blinking) in the selected device (output)
– Selectable mode for each output (normal mode, one- or two-level timer mode, blinking)
– Integrated 8-bit scene control and integration of each output in up to 8 scenes
– Integrated bus coupling units, Bus connection via bus terminal
– Electronic protection of the output against overload, short circuit and temperature rise
– 2 subsidiary inputs for 230 V AC (with neutral line as reference potential) for connecting 2 conventional pushbuttons for direct switching and dimming of the output and with selectable additional transmission of these switching and dimming commands via the bus
– Max. length of connecting lines on the subsidiary inputs up to 100 m
– Determination of switching state by mea

5WG1527-1AB31 5WG1527-1AB31
5WG1528-1AB41 5WG1528-1AB41
5WG1527-1AB51 5WG1527-1AB51
5WG1527-1AB41 5WG1527-1AB41