IP Control Center

The IP Control Center N 152 allows web visualization of KNX systems on various web-based operating devices. The visualization controller can be used to design intuitive operating and display interfaces for PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones on an individual basis. Up to 1250 values and states can be set for the various building and room functions, as well as a high-performance application module and the scope also includes an annual time switch program with an astronomic calendar, while the scene control allows you to call up and record up to 5000 scenes and events. A range of data points, e.g. consumption values and weather records can also be shown in the form of curve or bar charts, while data can be monitored and stored to facilitate fault diagnosis and via an interface, IP devices can be controlled using TCP/UDP commands. Alarm notifi cations are signaled both visually and audibly as well as being managed in an alarm history. Alarm notifi cations can also be sent as recorded trend data or monitor data by email. Your choice of web content can be shown, such as news or weather forecasts, as well as scope to display images or fi lms from IP cameras. The commissioning process is performed with the ETS, while a graphic editor and smart editor are permanently installed in the device to help when developing projects. This also eliminates the need for any additional software.
The web editor allows wide-ranging display and operating elements to be arranged using the drag-and-drop approach, while the user interface can be individually configured with personal or pre-existing elements from a comprehensive library. The scope also extends to six different selectable styles and building views and fl oor plans can be depicted as background images. The Smart Editor allows you to develop visualizations specially tailored for mobile browsers on smartphones or tablets, swiftly and intuitively.

5WG1152-1AB01 5WG1152-1AB01