How smart home equipment and making building smart can bring peace and comfort?

1- Take control of all intelligent building equipment with mobile, tablet or remote control
2- Ability to control and monitor any part of the building separately
3- Define different scenarios in smart home
4- Control the temperature and adjust it according to the needs and environmental conditions and home residents
5- Natural light control with intelligent control of curtains
6- All types of kitchen appliances are operated without the presence in the home and only with the touch of a button
7- Use smart keys to control the brightness of each room according to the conditions and need of the person living in the room
8- Living in a luxury home with a very stylish appearance today
9- Send reports and information about children arrival and departure to parents
10- Installation of smart home without the need for wiring
11- Multiply the value of buildings for landlords who intend to sell their homes in the future
12- Removal of traditional locking system and cumbersome keys with digital lock installation
13- vSimplicity of smart home appliances, so that even with a few hours, children and elderly can easily use this intelligent system.
14- vSmart system flexibility, In the future, if you need to change the levels of intelligence, the new system will replace the traditional system with minimum damage.
15- Reducing the depreciation of home electrical equipment by their normal use and increasing their useful life.
16- The residents are not worried about drying plant when they are not at home. During travel, a person living in an intelligent house, can remotely perform the irrigation of his garden and flowers by activating the travel scenario, or even can irrigate automatically at a certain hour of the day.