Smart Home Functions

Smart Lighting

One of the most important functions of smart systems is lighting control.
The Siemens Smart Home with the KNX protocol allows you to control the light intensity of the types of lamps.
Light-intensity sensors may provide you to adjust the light of your room for different hours of the day to the extent required, and since the system is designed seamlessly, it is possible to use sunlight during the day as you drag away your curtains.

Smart Curtain System

This system allows you to open and close and kindle shade the types of curtains, according to your type of use from the space and the various hours of the day.
The maximum use of natural sunlight throughout the day, reduced electrical energy consumption, and consumer comfort are among the benefits of this system. You can also set up a timetable to open and close the curtains in the morning of a working day, and wake up and energize your daily activities, while enjoying the pleasure of sleeping in the morning on a day off.

Fire Alarm System

Siemens Fire Alarm System is reliable, smart and cost-effective.
The Siemens Fire Alarm System has been designed with the aim of financing and maintaining your safety. The system easily connects to other Siemens products, including the Siemens smart home, under the KNX protocol.
Siemens engineers have designed these systems to bring you with the ultimate in comfort, confidence and reassurance. This system is equipped with a fire alarm before any fire progress.

Air Conditioning System

One of the most important and most practical functions of the Siemens Smart Home with the KNX protocol is the control and optimal use of the cooling, heating and air conditioning systems.
The importance of this sector appears when we know about 40 percent of the total energy consumption by each country is consumed in the building sector. One of the main reasons for the development of equipment related to this sector is energy savings while maintaining the comfort and convenience of consumers. Among the smart equipment manufacturers with the KNX protocol, Siemens has the most complete product portfolio in this section.

Parking Management System (PMS)

In general, PMS (park management system) is composed of two hardware and software components.
Parking Management System Hardware
The detectors are responsible for detecting the vehicle's park or empty parking places. These detectors have a variety of types such as ultrasonic, magnetic, and camera (image processing), which are used based on the roofing or openness of the parking lot.
Indicators represent empty places in each sub-track parking lot and will require the driver to avoid unnecessary entry into that track.
Sign marker informs drivers the number of empty locations in each row, floor, or total parking lot.