Building Automation Division

We talk less and work more

We started to work with a young group from the year 2012. Our aim was to provide new technologies and modern design in the building industry and urban space. We seek to bring energy management with security, safety, tranquility and beauty along with high quality and innovation in the living space. We perform automation or make smart building with the KNX protocol and Siemens brand. After five years of activity, we will have to start again, we will not talk much and will do more. Follow us so you can touch to:

“Be differently smart with Karnaco”.



Everyone knows Siemens; there is no need to define and praise; it has a history as much as the history of engineering and technology. Just summarizing one sentence, it could be “full smart with Siemens” or, as they say, “Ingenuity for Life”, a genius for life.



Aliajgaran is one of the oldest and most successful Building Management System (BMS) companies and construction automation, as well as the best Siemens representative in Iran, which was introduced in 2008, 2009 and 2017 as Siemens Best Partner. Aliajgaran and Karnaco are now commercial partners in building automation with the KNX protocol.